Hello, world. Welcome to my new home. Come on in...

Obligatory photo of my nerds, Gus and Gilley. 

Obligatory photo of my nerds, Gus and Gilley. 

I did it. I am FINALLY launching this site. After six months of going back and forth, pulling my hair out and dragging my feet on making decisions I am so happy to launch my baby - highcontrastdesignhouse.com. I'm pledging to you now to stick to a blogging schedule (aw man...now I typed it so I MUST to it) and show you all the things in the world that inspire me every day. 

Inspirations will include, but not be limited to:

  1. All the amazing design there is throughout the world
  2. Killer pics of Austin's treasures, textures, colors, and more
  3. My dogs (be prepared to see a LOT of Gus and Gilley, my Boston Terriers)

My goal is to show you who I am as a designer, as well as a funny, sarcastic and person that loves to form friendships with clients and fellow designers alike. Wish me luck, and I hope to show you something so cool every week you'll be coming back for more.

All the best!