I love working with my clients, and I bust my booty to make sure they love working with me. Here’s a few sweet shout-outs from over the years that remind me why I love what I do so much.

Emily did my entire office building and it is so on brand! Thank you!
— Jo Walski, Conversation Piece PR
Talented, bold, and beautiful. Emily creates amazing spaces that are unique. I love that she can produce such diverse designs!
— Bree Carrico, Alexa Management
Emily is fun to be around and her imagination knows no bounds. If you dream something up, she’ll take it and make it even better; if you have no idea what you’re going for, she’ll still wow you. Creative and not afraid to make a statement! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily for about a year on both interiors and other aspects of creative design including website work and in-room hotel collateral. Her advice and guidance was always professional and pushed boundaries just far enough to get everyones’ minds out of the box. She also has a giant Rolodex of extremely talented people behind her (I.e. Honey Thompson). Hire High Contrast Design House and you won’t be disappointed.
— Abby Dreier, Creative Director for The Guild
Emily is a fantastic designer who is highly creative and resourceful while staying very tuned in and supportive of our ideas and taste. She helped us with the entire house and we couldn’t be happier with the way everything came together, the quality and comfort of the pieces and the way that this truly feels like our home. On top of all that she’s a blast to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to call her again.
— Owner, Bouldin Creek Residence
Emily Basham-Hoelscher combined her artistic vision with our personality and the result is our fantastic, sophisticated home. She met us once, and then presented us with a perfect plan. Very few changes were made. Working with Emily was easy. We trusted her to get the work completed while we traveled and we were not disappointed. The design and quality is impressive. I highly recommend Emily and her team.
— Owner, Spring Condo Residence
My husband and I hired Emily to help us decorate our house. In many ways, it was a very challenging job. There were works of art, light fixtures and old furniture she had to integrate and each of these pieces had a heavy visual weight. Emily was simply amazing. She was able to come up with a design that not only integrated all these things well but that was exactly the mood we wanted to live in. I believe that conveying moods, experiences and feelings is something that really differentiates Emily. Her is work is exquisite and she is a delight to work with. I highly recommend her.
— Owner, Westlake Residence
Personally, it’s been a pleasure to work with Emily because she is always there to offer fresh ideas and many options. Once something is narrowed down, it’s reviewed and then ordered without hassles. Emily is also great when it comes to patterns and colors. She can take the most nondescript room, and with a few colors and patterns, it into just the right statement to contribute to the overall look or theme. 

Finally, she is also versatile in her design capabilities. We’ve gone from a modern place at the W Residences in Austin, to a Cape Cod style home in Boulder and she’s exceeded expectations in terms of coming up with fresh ideas to create just the right environment for completely different styles.
— Owner, W Austin Residence
I love to design, but always love to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Emily did this for us, and was happy to do it. Just what I’d been looking for - forever, and didn’t think it existed. This is the first company that I’ve experienced that had true interior designers selling furniture. Not only was that ideal, but Emily is just an outstanding person to work with. She is funny, happy, VERY EXCITED about design and truly a joy to work with.....not a stuffy designer that copies every other design. Every job is a joy to Emily and she treats each as a unique opportunity for her to really design. She is very passionate about her work.
— Owner, Rollingwood Residence