Design just for Fun: Playing with Neybers!

I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGN. I live and breathe it. And sometimes when my projects get into the "not as much fun" phase- like yelling at furniture companies for delivering the wrong item or stressing about a deadline - I need to feed the creative beast and remind myself why I love what I do so much by designing something just for the dang fun of it. No pressure, no parameters or budgets and no need for my insane perfectionist tendencies - just having fun being creative and pushing the envelope. 

Luckily, there are awesome apps for your phones and tablets that have "blank" spaces set up to choose from with tons of furniture, finishes, art and objects to play with all day long. One of my favorites is Neybers (which I wrote about a while back here). They have some of my favorite cool European furniture lines and thousands of pieces to choose from. You can play with the color, perspective, shadows, scale...anything to create completely unique spaces.

Here are some of my creations:

While I do this for the sheer pleasure (and usually while sipping some vino), it quite often sparks ideas for current or future projects that I can't wait to use. So do yourself a favor and throw on your pjs, pop open some wine and create some cool stuff just for the fun of it. 

And please share them with me!

#CurrentlyCrushing: Black + White + Quirky All Over

I love color. I really do. But everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with graphic black and white. Few things add that crisp energy to a room, and it always goes with everything. EVERY room in my house has some graphic black and white, and I'm amazed at how little color is in my wardrobe whenever I do laundry. 

Here is a little selection of things high-contrast that I'm obsessing over, with a whole lot of quirk thrown in because...well, because life is too short to be boring.

  1. T-Rex Head Wall Mount by Near & Deer - So there's gold where white would normally be, but I DON'T CARE. This is AWESOME.
  2. "Warning! Boston Terriers Are Addictive!" Fabric by Missy Q - I can't decide what to make with this, but it will be in my house. Maybe a new dog bed for Gilley & Gus?
  3. Black + White Plaid Woven Street Shoes by Everlane - These look so comfy and cool and they need to be on my feet.
  4. Sonny & Cher Sunnies by Pared Eyewear - And these need to be on my face. NOW.
  5. Sloth Clutch Foldover by Fossil x Opening Ceremony - And this is the hat-trick for the shoes and sunnies, and is the cutest bag I have ever seen. EVER.
  6. Grip Tray by Finell - Perfect for klutzes, the rubber bands on this tray hold drinks in place. GENIUS.
  7. Rip Black Wallpaper by Stone Textile - I cannot wait to use this in a project, and I love that it was designed by a friend! 

That's it! That's my round-up of things I am obsessing over right now. Next week, COLOR!

XO Emily