"Busy Gal's Pad" Presentation for Homepolish

I was challenged to create a space for a hypothetical design client whose tastes are similar to mine. I pretty much used myself as a client, but myself about 13 years ago - before I was married and could make all of the decor decisions in my home (sorry, James). I created the floor plan, based on a combination of several typical condominium and townhouse plans in Austin, and then decked out the space from head-to-toe...and I stayed within budget by $11.72. 

This gives you a good idea of my design process, starting with the plan and then creating a cool mix of furnishings and finishes from a huge variety of sources...and how each room can have its own attitude while still creating a nice flow throughout. And more than anything, I wanted to show how I love to bring my client's personality and passions in their home.