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ORC: Taking a Pause for the Cause (Plus a PSA for Skin Cancer Awareness Month)


When I jumped into the One Room Challenge, I was worried that I was getting in over my head. I'd been dying to create the High Contrast Design House Headquarters I had been dreaming of, and then I realized the day before it started that the challenge was kicking off. Naturally, I thought, "It's fate!" But with the current work load, and the fact that I had very recently taken a bad tumble, I worried that I was biting off more than I could chew. But I was steadfast in my devotion to not quit. 

The injury kept frustrating me because I couldn't do much, and it just became such a stress. I was contemplating putting a hold on the whole thing, and then had a burst of "I can still do this!" energy last week. Then I found out yesterday that a mole I had removed on my scalp came back as a basal cell carcinoma. Yep, skin cancer. (cue me raising the white flag)

As much as I was freaked out for a bit, I knew that everything would be ok. It will be. It is not a melanoma, and I'll have more of the area around the spot surgically removed ASAP. Hopefully they won't have to remove too much hair because it is about an inch into my hairline, and I really don't want to look like a reverse unicorn. Since I am a person prone to self-torture, I immediately started Googling to find out more. Seriously, if you want to be absolutely horrified just Google image search whatever tiny thing you might have wrong with you and just wait for the inevitable panic attack.

What I did realize is that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Look at me - I just have to be so topical and "of the moment". Ugh, I'm the worst. Anyway, the reason for this long, rambling diatribe is to beg anyone who reads this to GO GET A SKIN CANCER SCREENING - especially if you are pasty white with light colored eyes, like me. It's so easy to catch these things early, and so dangerous to put it off. 

I'm obviously not quitting on my office makeover, but I am realizing I need to simplify things right now, take a pause for the cause and relax. Sometimes you have to listen to what life is handing you, even if you are stubborn like me, and take things back to the basics.

Now, go get your moles checked. Wear sunscreen and a hat. And remember that we can always take a moment to breathe and reboot.

P.S. Take a look here at all the amazing guest participants, and here for the featured designers. There's some cool stuff happening out there. I definitely plan on being back in the action in the fall.

One Room Challenge Week 3 + 4: Plus Life Lessons from Kimmy Schmidt

Source:  Buzzfeed , and of course  Kimmy Schmidt

Source: Buzzfeed, and of course Kimmy Schmidt

The last two weeks have been rough. I'm still hobbling about with the bum knee and sprained ankle. I'm juggling several projects in different stages, which is always first priority, and some other things have decided to cause further problems, as life does. And Prince died, which gave me all the sads on Week 3. So I've been tweaking my plans for the High Contrast Design House Headquarters, trying to heal and refocus my energy while binge-watching all of Kimmy Schmidt Season 2. And that helped my spirit SO MUCH.


I am vowing to get the floors painted this weekend. I'm packing up the office shelves and getting the room ready to be cleared right now. We will be ripping up that stank carpet and painting those walls WHITE! Next week I hope to get accomplished the following:

  • Close to having the floors finished, either painted stripes of vinyl tiles (probably paint)
  • Get current shelving sold on Craigslist 
  • Start working on custom DIY lighting
  • Have some of those things done and photographed for this blog!

So here's a few more ideas I'm thinking about:

I am going to make a custom lightbox at some point - super excited about this!  (source)

I am going to make a custom lightbox at some point - super excited about this! (source)

Neon washi tape to make the bad molding on the door look bad in a good way. ( source )

Neon washi tape to make the bad molding on the door look bad in a good way. (source)

tiny neon cacti - YES! ( source )

tiny neon cacti - YES! (source)

And because of the lack of natural light, some obviously fake & funky cacti. ( source )

And because of the lack of natural light, some obviously fake & funky cacti. (source)

Until then, wish me luck!

ORC Update Postponed Until Tomorrow Due to Purple Rain

International Women's Day Shout-Out: 15 (+1) Women that Inspire Me

International Women's Day

All the ladies in the place, I'm callin' out to ya! It's International Women's Day, and a time to celebrate the women that inspire us all. I'm inspired by so many amazing women, but I decided to focus on the ones that make the world a more beautiful place through interior design, art and humor. So many of these chicks have shattered walls and are breaking ground for the next generations, giving the little girls of today the place to be the powerhouses of tomorrow. YAS KWEEN!

Ladies Who Make The World So Damn Beautiful

Ladies Who Make The Coolest Stuff

Ladies Who Act, Write and Crack Me Up

Ok, guys and gals - what badass ladies inspire YOU?